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Electricity For Less

Use solar energy to power your business and reduce your dependence on the grid. Purchase solar from Nene Electrical and take control of your monthly electricity bill. Schedule a consultation with a Nene Solar Advisor to learn more.

Solar Power Energy Storage – Sustainable Energy Solutions

Safeguarding Your Business Against Power Interruptions

Our energy storage units are made for heavy-duty use. They pair well with our Solar Panel solutions. With them, your business can have power all day and night. These units save energy from your Solar Panels for use anytime. This way, your business keeps running, even during a power cut. Find out how our energy solutions can make your work more efficient and reliable.

Commercial and Industrial Electrical Maintenance Services

Nene Electrical Empowering Your Business Operations

Our Electrical Contracting services are perfect for both commercial and industrial businesses. They help keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. Our team of expert contractors provide custom solutions that save energy. They reduce downtime, boost safety, and always suit your business needs. Nene Electrical, powering your world.

Electrical Compliance

Safeguarding Your Business Continuity

Our electrical compliance services are thorough. We do in-depth testing, check-ups, and reports. This makes sure that your business is safe and compliant with UK regulations. We find and deal with any risks. This keeps your business running smoothly and makes your work more efficient.


Security and Fire Alarm Systems

Safeguarding Your Assets and Ensuring Peace of Mind

We offer advanced fire and security systems, including premium CCTV options. They protect your business or industrial space with ease. Our bespoke options detect threats quickly and help resolve incidents quickly. This keeps your assets and team safe. Trusting us means you’re choosing tried and tested safety systems for peace of mind.


Our History

Uncover Nene Electrical’s Heritage

Nene Electrical’s story and legacy form the foundation of our services. We blend years of experience with a fresh take on green business and industrial solutions. Nene Electrical is an NWS Group Company. Learn more about NWS Group here.

We’ve led in providing electrical solutions for many years. Our background has built a firm base of trust and skill in our work. With a deep history and a strong plan for the future, we aim to make green the norm in electrical contracting. Learn about our story and see how we’re driving a more efficient, green future for businesses all over the country.

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