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Case Study: CEVA Logistics

The Challenge: Equipping two new mezzanine decks with a sophisticated electrical infrastructure, while the site remained fully operational


Nene Electrical, recently undertook a challenging project at the DC7 site for CEVA Logistics. This case study delves into the intricate details of the project, highlighting the unique solutions Nene Electrical provided while working in a dynamic and fully operational environment.

The Project Setting

The task at hand for Nene Electrical was not just technically demanding but also required a delicate balance to maintain the ongoing operations at the DC7 site. The primary objective was to equip two newly constructed mezzanine decks, spanning approximately 25,000ft2, with a state-of-the-art electrical infrastructure. These decks were designed to serve as a new picking area for CEVA Logistics, demanding a reliable and efficient electrical setup.

The Challenge & Solution

Nene Electrical faced a complex challenge. Firstly, the project demanded the design and installation of two new 100A 3ph distribution boards, which needed to be integrated seamlessly with the main incoming panel on each floor. This was critical to ensure an uninterrupted power supply to the newly installed lighting systems, which were equipped with sectional PIR detection for enhanced energy efficiency. Furthermore, the installation of a 63A ceiling-mounted power track system was crucial to future-proof the building, catering to later power requirements.

However, the complexity of the installation was not the only challenge. The entire project had to be executed in a building that was fully occupied and operational. This called for detailed planning and execution to ensure that the daily activities of CEVA Logistics were not disrupted.

The team at Nene Electrical approached these challenges with a blend of innovation and collaboration. They developed a comprehensive design that not only met the current needs but also anticipated future modifications. Their choice of advanced lighting and power systems showcased their commitment to energy efficiency and adaptability. Most importantly, their collaborative approach with the client ensured that every phase of the project was aligned with the operational needs of CEVA Logistics, guaranteeing minimal disruption to their daily operations.


The successful completion of the electrical services at the DC7 site stands as a testament to Nene Electrical’s expertise in handling complex installations in challenging environments. Our ability to deliver a robust and flexible electrical infrastructure, without hindering the site’s operational efficiency. This case study not only highlights our technical prowess but also Nene Electrical’s dedication to client satisfaction and foresight in future-proofing our installations.

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