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Case Study: Transforming Energy Efficiency at Nene Warehouse Solutions


Nene Warehouse Solutions (NWS), a UK-based multi-award-winning company, has been a leader in bespoke storage solutions for organisations across the UK and Europe since 1974. This case study explores how Nene Electrical collaborated with NWS to transform their energy efficiency through comprehensive solutions.

Client Background:

With a 345,000 ft² Head Office and Production Facilities in the East Midlands, NWS is ideally positioned to play a key role in the UK and European Storage Industry. Their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and continuous investment in staff training and development sets them apart in the industry.

Project Scope and Objective:

Facing the need for modernisation and energy efficiency, NWS turned to Nene Electrical for comprehensive solutions encompassing lighting upgrades, solar system installation, and EV charger set-up. The goal was to create a synergy between sustainability and cutting-edge technology.

The Solutions:

  1. LED High Bay Fittings and Motion Detection:
    • Challenge: Reducing energy consumption in large warehouse spaces.
    • Solution: Installation of state-of-the-art LED high bay fittings with motion detection.
    • Result: Maximised energy efficiency and reduced operating costs.
  2. Workshop Extension Upgrades:
    • Challenge: Extending and modernising the existing workshop lighting system.
    • Solution: Installed motion detection non-corrosive LED battens and upgraded many existing light fittings to LED.
    • Result: Improved lighting quality and further energy savings.
  3. EV Chargers Implementation:
    • Challenge: Facilitating green transportation options within the premises.
    • Solution: Installation of 9 x 32amp single-phase EV chargers at two locations with advanced load monitoring.
    • Result: A step towards eco-friendly transportation and alignment with sustainability initiatives.
  4. Solar System Integration:
    • Challenge: Reducing dependence on conventional energy sources.
    • Solution: Installation of a 45kW solar system on the office block.
    • Result: Significant carbon footprint reduction and ongoing energy savings.
  5. Office Block Lighting Transformation:
    • Challenge: Modernising the lighting system in office areas.
    • Solution: Replacement of old T8 Lighting with LED 600×600 panels, with further plans for motion detection in specific areas.
    • Result: Enhanced aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency.

Benefits and Impact:

The transformation led to substantial energy savings, decreased carbon emissions, and an alignment with the company’s sustainability objectives. Beyond financial benefits, the project fostered a positive environmental impact and reinforced NWS’s position as an industry leader in sustainable practices.

Client Testimonial:

“Our collaboration with Nene Electrical is a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainability. The excellence and innovation they have brought into our facilities have empowered us to reduce our energy costs and positioned us as a leading example of sustainable practice within our industry.” – Operations Director, Nene Warehouse Solutions.


This case study demonstrates Nene Electrical’s ability to provide tailored, innovative, and sustainable solutions that meet clients’ needs. The project at Nene Warehouse Solutions stands as a testament to what can be achieved through collaboration, technological innovation, and a shared commitment to a greener future.

By strategically addressing each challenge and crafting solutions that align with the client’s values and objectives, Nene Electrical has shown how energy efficiency and sustainability can be seamlessly integrated into everyday business operations. The lasting impact of this project continues to resonate, inspiring further innovations and setting new benchmarks in the industry.